90% v/v Ethanol + 10% v/v Any Solvent

For Denatured Spirit (Ethanol) / Denatured Absolute Alcohol Users
Grade StandardIndustrial Grade , Technical Grade , Chemical Grade

Dysol is a range of dyestuffs designed specifically for household and industrial applications. This information pack is designed to aid colour selection – it gives an indication of pH stability, surfactant stability and solubility in various solvents. However this does not guarantee suitability for use. We recommend that all dyestuffs be assessed by the processor in the formulation and packaging of the finished product prior to purchase.

In use specifications-
As a general rule all Dysol dyestuffs of the same classification (i.e. Acid, Basic or Direct) can be freely mixed with other products of the same classification without issue. However mixing Basic dyestuffs with an Acid or Direct dyestuff may lead to precipitation. Note: Dysols are not recommended for food, personal care or cosmetic applications. Dysol products are not controlled for heavy metal content on a batch to batch basis, however, all assessments made have shown only background levels to be found. Dysol products are not assessed to microbiological specifications.

Additional specifications
Specially Denatured Spirit (S.D.S.) 0.5% Acetone plus 10% any aliphatic or aromatic hydrocarbons.