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Sudersun Chemical Pvt. Ltd. is a fast growing integrated Methanol Based Solvents and industrial Chemicals & Solvents manufacturing & Trading company based at Vadodara, India. Since its foundation in 2005, Sudersun Chemical Pvt. Ltd. has surpassed the distinction in its field through cost effective and cost efficient manufacturing.
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Our tangible growth path during this undersized period has been endorsed by all the stakeholders. We have delivered the benchmark and are still on the mount.

We deal in Mysol-B and Dysol. Our materials range from Pharmaceuticals to Chemical industry, Organic, Dyes, Lighting Division, Ink Industry, Polymers, Resin etc.

Our specialization is Methanol, a chemical with formula CH3OH. Its characteristics include a light, volatile, colorless, and flammable liquid with a distinctive odor. We encourage the use of methanol in making other chemicals through innovative ideas and practices.

Founder and Planner: The seed and consequent augmentation of these firms revolves around Shri Hitesh Shah.

Location: We initiate at Vadodara and address the diversified locations.

Our fluid engineering design is marked to foster the unreached destinations and to value the time through contemporary quality, safety and paramount in all our products.

Lets respect environment and march together to bring safe chemical revolution.


We desire to carve the innovation in fluid engineering.


We believe in unmatched quality paramount.


We at, Sudersun Chemical Pvt. Ltd. believe that client's satisfaction is the essence of its service. Bringing you the best HR solutions at the cost effective manner is our aim. The company wishes to build long lasting relationships with the clients with its sustained efforts in providing high quality candidates to client's organization.

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